Summer Mini Session!!! Get it while you have a tan and the sun is shining!

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Summer Mini Session
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Summer Mini Session

A 30 minute photo session for just $250! Deal o' Rama. 

Some ideas....

- family photo showing your summer vibe (print and hang all year to enjoy over and over)

- mom session: finally be in all of the photos, mom! you and your kids are the stars. Makes a great gift too!

-just you! Why not. Let's be creative and hang for 30. 

-buy it as a gift for some awesome deserving person. 

One location (preferably your house). 10-15 images are all yours. 

You must book the session by September 30. You have to buy now to save the date. Promotion to buy ends July 15th. You can email or call me first to check on availability ( or 415-602-5182) or you can book and we can then figure out a time. 

Before you click to buy- note that I don't strive for perfection. My focus is on connection, love, and creativity.