Junior Prom 2016

I am not sure how it is possible that Bridget is going to Junior Prom. I met her when she was not quite two when I first starting dating my husband. I watched her grow from this silly, quirky girl who once told us that when she grows up all she is going to do is "eat, sleep, and play" (which doesn't sound like a bad plan) to this amazing, beautiful, creative, smart teen. I am so proud to have her as a niece and as a cousin for my boys to look up to. Photographing her "pre prom" photos is just an honor to me. When her mom (my fabulous sister in law) asked if I would do it, I don't think there was even a second of hesitation. Why would I not? From the getting ready, to the corsage exchange with her date (her lovely friend from school), to the group shots with all the pals I soaked in every second. 

Personal - Winter Break

I know that on my professional site I should keep my personal images off. What relevance does it really have to potential clients? Maybe none, but I am going to post anyway. Why? It is very hard for me to separate out professional and personal because they are intertwined. If I am not shooting for others I am shooting for myself.  I also want to show that my passion goes beyond just gathering clients. Of course, I can't help but feel passionate about photographing my kids as well. So, with that said, this is what the boys and I did over our February Winter Break. We sure feel lucky to live in Northern California!