Three Generations - Chrissy Field, San Francisco

My grandfather was a tinkerer.  He had a space in his garage for crafting, fixing, creating. He wasn't that impressive with his skills, but there was always something so authentic and sweet about his creations. Even his workbench was rigged up with random pieces of wood and screws, but it worked and it was wonderful. He once crafted a couple doll sized upholstered chairs for me that actually perfectly matched the upholstered chairs in his own living room. I wish that I had photos of myself with my grandparents.  Satoko Furuta understands this.

Not only did she want to capture some family moments that included her son and daughter and hilarious husband, but she also wanted her parents there as well. We met at Chrissy Field keeping our fingers crossed that the wind and fog wouldn't overcome us. Fortunately, we had a bit of luck with some late afternoon golden light.